Labor safety audit

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration Audit is conducted by an independent third party to identify, assess and minimize the company’s compliance risks in the area of ​​occupational safety and health.

Audit on labor protection – an objective, independent assessment by an expert auditor, the state of occupational safety and industrial safety at the enterprise.

The implementation of an independent occupational safety audit has the following benefits:

  • prevention of injuries and accidents at work;
  • Identification of risks (inconsistencies) before the arrival of controlling bodies;
  • prevention of financial liability for failure to comply with labor protection legislation;
  • construction of an effective system of work of the labor protection service;
  • additional control and verification of the effectiveness of the labor protection service;
  • External audit is the first step towards developing methods and programs for achieving industrial safety standards;
  • an increase of social trust, image, investors, state authorities to the enterprise.

The order of the audit at the enterprise:


  • Determine the goals and timing of the audit;
  • determination of the audit program;
  • agreement on cooperation

Stage II


  • analysis of the documentation on labor protection and assessment of the effectiveness of the management system of labor protection;
  • analysis of compliance with the requirements of legislative and other normative and legal acts on labor protection;
  • checking the availability of permits for the operation of high-risk equipment;
  • the effectiveness of risk management (personnel safety during high-risk work, equipment operation);
  • provision of resources for the effective functioning of the labor protection system (training, level of professional knowledge of personnel in the field of occupational safety)
  • analysis of accident data, results of their research, corrective actions on previously detected inconsistencies;

participation in labor protection


Preparation of an expert report

An expert report includes:

  • research, analysis of the state of occupational safety and industrial safety at the enterprise;
  • results of checking the compliance of existing documentation with the requirements
  • An analysis of compliance with labor protection requirements by employers and employees;
  • submission of specific rules of law that have been violated
  • recommendations for elimination of inconsistencies, comprehensive solutions for industrial safety and labor protection.