Expert examination for obtaining permits for high-risk work and equipment operation

LLC “COMPANY” CENTER LTD” in accordance with the permission of the State Service of Ukraine for Labor No. 339.18.30 provides services for the examination of the state of labor protection and safety of industrial production for obtaining permits for the work of increased danger and operation (application) of machines, mechanisms, equipment increased danger in the following areas:

  • equipment connected with the manufacturer (manufacture), use, processing, distribution, storage, transportation, use, disposal or disposal of explosive and dangerous substances of classes 1 and 2, the mass of which is equal to or exceeds the values ​​of the norms of the threshold masses;
  • technological equipment of chemical, biochemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing, oil and fat, oil, woodworking, food processing, processing, printing, light and textile industries, pulp and paper production, processing of plastics, polymer materials, and rubber products;
  • equipment with a voltage over 1000 V (electrical equipment of electric power stations and networks; technological electrical equipment);
  • Steam and water heating boilers with a heat output of more than 0,1 MW;
  • vessels operating at a pressure of more than 0.05 MPa;
  • lifting cranes and cars, elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors, passenger hanging rope ways, funiculars, lifts and cradles for raising workers.

The application and the list of documents necessary for obtaining the conclusion of the examination

Application and the list of documents necessary for obtaining the conclusion of examination for equipment 1000 V