Development and approval of projects and establishment of sanitary protection zones (spz), projects for reducing the size of the spz

The sanitary protection zone (SPZ) is created to protect the population against the effects of adverse production factors (dust, gases, noise, vibration, etc.). SZZ establishes the lines of city-planning regulation and protects the enterprise from unreasonable claims from people living nearby from local state environmental and sanitary control; (from attempts to build a new home or other objects with normalized environmental quality indicators within the established SPZ size).

According to Article 114 of the Land Code of Ukraine, sanitary-protective zones (SPZs) are created around objects that are sources of harmful substances, odors, elevated levels of noise, vibration, ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, electronic fields, ionizing radiation, etc., in order to separate those objects from the territories of residential development.

Within the sanitary protection zones, construction of residential objects, social infrastructure objects and other objects related to permanent residence of people is prohibited. The legal regime of lands of sanitary protection zones is determined by the  legislation of Ukraine.

In accordance with clause 5.5 of the DSP 173-96 “The dimensions of the sanitary protection zones for industrial enterprises and other objects that are sources of industrial hazards should be established in accordance with the current sanitary norms of their placement in confirming the adequacy of the sizes of these zones in accordance with “The Methodology for calculating concentrations in atmospheric air of harmful substances contained in the emissions of enterprises “OND-86, calculations of noise and electromagnetic radiation levels taking into account the actual sanitary situation (background pollution, features of relief, weather conditions, etc.) As well as data on laboratory studies of similar existing businesses and facilities. ”

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