Design of landfills swl and reclamation of landfills and burial grounds

Landfill design, landfill reclamation of burial grounds is a responsible process that takes into account the environmental impact and only those with a qualification level, have received a certificate confirming their ability to perform works for the objects of the appropriate class of consequences.

Center Ltd company approaches the construction and reclamation of landfills in a comprehensive and responsible manner, as they pose a danger to human health and are objects of high ecological danger.
 As part of our company, the project team works jointly with accredited laboratory, which allows us to:

engineering surveys (geodetic, geological, hydro geological);

laboratory studies (soil, water, air,) taking into account all legislative requirements. Clearly and accurately collect the initial data, both for the construction of a new landfill site and for the reclamation of overloaded problematic landfills and burial grounds.

The project team, based on the actual research data, develops sections of the project:

  • a general explanatory note;
  • a decision of the general plan;
  • technological solutions;
  • graphic materials;
  • external and internal engineering networks;
  • a project for the organization of construction or reclamation;
  • environmental impact assessment;
  • architectural building solutions;

We are successfully working in the field of environmental design and have real experience in the development, implementation of construction projects, land reclamation using European technologies, an experience of cooperation with international organizations in the implementation of complex non-standard projects that require highly skilled specialists of non-standard solutions.